By Marcos Chiquetto

Tuesday morning in our translation agency, in Rio de Janeiro. Our project manager Alexandra, working in home-office, has just turned on her computer. Several messages are coming from Translatex, a multilingual agency based in London who outsources to us their projects targeting Portuguese (Names of PM and client are fictitious).

All messages refer to current on-going projects, except this one, referring to an English>Portuguese job we delivered two months ago:

By Marcos Chiquetto

Translate a text is to read something in one language and write it in another language. What kind of technology would be required?

Let´s take the example of our Brazilian translation agency, based in São Paulo, a small-scale organization considering the global translation industry. We have two directors, six project managers, and a group of about40 active translators and reviewers, including in-house personnel and freelancers. We work with three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

By Marcos Chiquetto

The Sun is the main source of energy for us here on our small planet Earth. Nowadays, ever greater efforts are being made to take advantage of solar energy by means of photovoltaic cells, which transform the energy from the Sun into electrical energy.

The path of going from a free-lance professional to a business owner is a bigger step than it appears to be.

By Marcos Chiquetto

A few years after the 1917 revolution, which gave rise to the Soviet Union, a large automobile factory was built in Gorki.

By Marcos Chiquetto

Think about Beethoven and his most complex work: The Ninth Symphony. In addition to a complete orchestra, that opus calls for a chorus with dozens of male and female voices, as well as 4 soloists. When he composed this work of art, Beethoven was already deaf. He couldn’t hear a single note. Even so, he wrote out the parts for dozens of instruments and human voices so that they could read the music and perform the symphony together.

By Marcos Chiquetto

On the night of October 22, 1707, an English fleet commanded by Admiral Clowdisley Shovell was returning to Great Britain coming from the Straight of Gibraltar. A heavy fog had descended, and despite the fact that they were close to the French coast, the Admiral wasn’t certain where they were. Fearing an accident because they couldn’t ascertain their exact location, he called a meeting of all of his navigators, and they arrived at a consensus: they were on the right path and if they continued sailing to the north, they would arrive safely at their destination. Unfortunately…

By Marcos ChiquettoBy Marcos Chiquetto

Let’s go back in time thousands of years, to when humans began to count. Let’s imagine a primitive man wanting to count how many sheep there were in a herd, so he could check if any went missing the next day. To do this, he could maybe use little stones to represent the sheep. For each sheep, he would set a stone apart from the rest. On the next day, all he had to do would be to compare the number of stones with the number of sheep.

By Marcos Chiquetto

When you want to perform an action on a computer, you usually look for an icon on the screen that represents this action and you click on it. However, when you want to copy and paste text or an image, if you’re like most people, you will probably type Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V.

A fascinating fact about the Sun and Moon

By Marcos Chiquetto

The photo below shows a solar eclipse. The Moon is passing in front of the Sun.

Solar eclipse

If an observer is at one particular place here on the Earth, he will be able to see a complete eclipse. For several minutes the Moon will completely cover the Sun and the day will become dark.

It’s just another normal day at our translation agency in São Paulo when the telephone rings.

— Hello. I have a set of marketing brochures in English that I need to translate into Portuguese and Spanish. Do you do this kind of work?

Translate marketing brochures, I think. Great! I love this kind of work. Specialized work — just the sort of service that fits our company´s profile.

— We do, yes. Have you got the material for us to prepare a quote?

— Of course. I’ll send you the files by e-mail.

After a short while, a message arrives…

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