We are always led by some kind of god.

The Tower of Babel, painted by the 16th century Dutch artist Pieter Brugel, the Elder
Throughout human history, most collective action has been carried out within small communities with everyone speaking the same language
Another kind of collective activity always present in human history has been slave labor, such as mining in ancient Rome (depicted here in the 1960 movie “Spartacus”)
Slave work in a coffee plantation in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the 19th century (Photo by Marc Ferrez)
Marshal McLuhan: the global village
We are moving towards a culturally unified world. The Shanghai landscape does not seem much different from that of New York or São Paulo.
People from different countries who speak different languages have to communicate with each other, in the first place to make the production of goods and services by global companies feasible, and last but not least, to facilitate the actual sale of those same goods and services in the global market.
Multilingual project carried out by a large translation agency

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